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Top 5 Side Effects Of Weight Loss Shakes

top 5 weight loss effect shakesSome people would do anything to lose weight including counting calories. Before, counting calories means keeping track of all the food that you eat, from the major meals to in-between snacks. Now, with the advent of several weight loss products, keeping track of calorie intake is made easy. Weight loss shakes are pre-packaged, ready-made powdered products that give you a certain number of calories per mixture.

Weight loss shakes have become popular forms of meal replacement products because they are a convenient way to substitute meals without having to cook or eat out. Aside from that, most of these shakes promise weight loss in a safe and effective manner. Some weight loss shakes even claim that they are safe even for obese people who have type 2 diabetes.

Regardless how hyped up they are, these weight loss shakes still hold side effects to a certain extent. While you may be able to replace one or two meals with these shakes, it is still important to keep an eye on the possible side effects.

1. The first possible side effect of weight loss shakes is fatigue. If your body is used to consuming a number of calories a day, cutting it up suddenly may cause you to get tired easily. For instance, cutting down your regular 2000 calories per day to 1000 calories when you start taking meal replacement shakes may mean you don’t have enough calories to support your activity level. This is crucial especially for people who live an active lifestyle or work out regularly. The drop in calories could easily translate to drop in energy.
2. Weight loss shakes can also cause adverse side effects on your digestive system. These products typically contain only 5 to 6 grams of fiber, whereas a healthy normal human being needs more than 20 grams of fiber a day. The change in your fiber intake may cause chaos in your digestive tract, leading to diarrhea, constipation and other bowel abnormalities.
3. Due to limited flavors, you may also develop food cravings. Replacing two meals with weight loss shakes is enough to make you crave for foods that you were able to eat before. Craving is one of weight loss’ mortal enemy and once you cave in, you are at high risk of doing it over again.
4. Another side effect of weight loss shakes is that while these products make you feel fuller and claim to be nutritionally sound, they still don’t make good replacements for fresh and natural foods. Even though they were designed to replace meals, you could still be nutrition deficient. Still, nothing beats eating a real carrot or banana.
5. Lastly, these shakes can’t teach you good eating habits. Remember to eat adequately from the major food groups. Once you’ve reached your desired weight and feel that you don’t need to take them anymore, your weight is likely to pile up again because you don’t know how to make healthy food choices. Once the need for the product expires, you’d need some sort of support to still be able to maintain and keep your new weight.  

Indeed, the rise of weight loss shakes has stirred a lot of curiosity and controversy. However, you need to understand that an effective weight loss product should be able to support you for the long-term and not just give you a quick fix.

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